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  • Feel the love, spread the hope gift card against blue circle background.
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  • Hand holding phone displaying SHOPE gift card on website, with plant, drink and ear phones in background.
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Feel the Love. Spread the Hope. Digital Gift Card

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Feel the Love. Spread the Hope.
Digital Gift Card
with a lotta love, a lotta hope and a lotta goodness.

What is it?

This SHOPE gift card is a love gift, which in turn creates hope for others. Sending and receiving a SHOPE gift card is like unlocking a festival of love and hope, and that’s powerful stuff. So much so, we think the meaning of the word 'powerful' should be changed to ‘SHOPE’.

Good to know

  • 100% of profits are directed to cancer research.
  • No paper cuts to the tongue by licking envelopes or stamps.
  • Virtual gift cards = no waste. Yay!

What’s in it?

A whole lotta love. A whole lotta hope. A whole lotta goodness. Now that’s a whole lotta lottas’…makes your brain hurt doesn't it? Might be time to relax with some SHOPE...