About Shope


You be the lover. We’ll be the fighter.
Let’s start with our name. SHOPE. You probably guessed. It’s soap & hope together. While our luscious soap range is lovingly made to nourish you, hope is our mission - to kick low-survival cancer’s butt, by funding world-class medical research. You could say SHOPE is like a superhero. Mild-mannered and gentle on one side, feisty and strong on the other. So, all you need to do is love our products, while we fight the good fight. What a super team!

We made a partnership for good
Speaking of a super team, and our mission, we had this big crazy idea to team up with a premium Australian soap company (as if we’d know how to make soap, let alone nice ones) to produce something useful that raises money for this great cause. And wouldn’t you know it, we were lucky to find an equally passionate and generous partner who were happy to get involved. Serendipity, much?

Making lusciously great things
SHOPE isn’t just any old hand soap either. Nope. We’ve worked super hard with our awesomely talented new friends, to develop a luscious and beautiful range of exquisitely fragrant soaps, nourishing hand and body cream and rejuvenating bath salts (that’s how these passionate experts describe their products, you know) that we hope you’ll love as much as we do. We’ve worked to the motto that we may be a charity, but our products certainly aren’t.

Positivity and hope all round
In the wash up, (see what we did there) 100% of SHOPE profits go towards the important cause of funding cancer research through our beneficiary partners, so every time you use SHOPE, you’re providing a positive experience for yourself, and giving hope to others. That’s what they call a win-win, right?

Oh, and this is our tagline
You know, sometimes people try to be way too clever with their tagline by concocting some overthought, high-level mumbo jumbo. We’ve kept ours simple, leaving the clever brain stuff to our products and to cancer research. Drum roll…3, 2, 1…

Soap, for hope

So, what do you think? Yeah, we think it all makes sense too.