The Serious Bit

The Serious Bit

The cause. Kicking low survival cancers where the sun don't shine.

SHOPE is the good smelling brainchild (that is, it smells good…rather than it’s good at smelling) of Pancare Foundation. Frustrated by the lack of progress around low survival cancers such as upper GI cancers, Pancare decided to put on its thinking cap and do something different to create greater awareness; by building a movement and investing more money into research.

What is a low survival cancer anyway?

When we're talking low survival, we typically mean cancers with less than 30% survival beyond five years. Upper GI cancers, collectively, have a 22% survival rate - some individually (like pancreatic) are as low as 12%. These nasty statistics get us all fired up. How fired up? Fired up like when someone sneaks up behind you and pokes you in both sides of your stomach at the same time, which jolts you into putting your fists up in a fight-or-flight reaction. That’s how fired up! So, we want to change the narrative, and together we believe we can.

It takes a village, and we're building a kickass one.

We realise we need the support of others to achieve the scale and impact needed to really kick these cancers to the curb. That's why, in time, we will bring partners onboard who share the same vision and who can help push our mission further. So, watch this space.

In the meantime, you can read more about the type of research we're investing in right now by pressing on this little link riiiiiight...  > here <